The photographer’s craft in all its glory…

I was recently commissioned to photograph an exquisite collection of bespoke ecclesiastical furniture in Gloucester Cathedral.

What commercial photographer wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of a day in a photographically challenging historic building taking photographs of a stunningly crafted suite of quality oak furniture?

This commission ticked all the boxes for me and gave me the opportunity to craft a portfolio of images that would work hard for my client.

A special place indeed

Gloucestershire Cathedral is the oldest in the country and was spared destruction in the reformation due to the fact that many of Henry VIII’s relatives are buried there. Thank goodness for that!

Light in the darkness

Cathedrals and churches are photographically tricky due to the height of  the building and the light levels within them. Light casts through the stained glass windows on dull and sunny days presenting a kaleidoscope of  coloured patterns all over furniture and floor. My vast knowledge of lighting a shoot enables me to hit the ground running on a project like this and with impressive results.



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Angles and perpectives

I surveyed the scene and positioned myself to achieve the best angles and perspectives to show the furniture off to best effect. I was very taken with the simple curved lines of the furniture, particularly the table and choir pews. The stately symmetry of the cathedral interior fits perfectly with each piece; I’m presuming a deliberate consideration by the furniture designer. The designer’s interpretation of this space with strong lines and simple motif’s throughout the collection inspired me to perpetuate those themes within my photographs.

Creative partnerships

I’m a creative commercial photographer and as such have worked in creative partnership with many artists and artisans providing images for collateral such as web sites, brochures and advertising. Check out my gallery for an overview of the art works I have photographed over recent years.

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