Aerial and Drone Photography

Aerial Photography

Chris holds a private pilot license, which means that aviation photography and drone photography are areas of particular interest. As a pilot, Chris has a thorough understanding of the challenges facing photography in aviation.

Drone Photography

Working Images can now offer UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone photography on a commercial basis. We are CAA certificated and fully insured for commercial flying.

The technical progress in the development of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), or drones, over the past few years has been rapid. A professional photographer can deliver stunning aerial imagery, often in previously near impossible locations. Using drones for commercial aerial still images was therefore a logical step but does require a heavy lift drone capable of carrying a high resolution camera.

Working Images flies an eight rotor (octacopter) heavy lift drone which carries a high resolution stills camera for drone photography (with video capability).

Whilst fully able to provide straightforward drone photography video footage, Working Images specialises in high quality stills with this heavy lift drone and high resolution digital camera.

Aerial drone photography can provide stunning images of buildings, commercial premises and other areas at a very reasonable cost compared with manned aircraft.

As well as impressive drone photography images of whole sites, the high resolution camera allows for difficult-to-access areas needing inspection, repair or maintenance to be photographed at high resolution without the cost of ground based access equipment or high cost scaffolding. Highly detailed screen images and hard copy prints can be obtained for further analysis rapidly and at reasonable cost by high resolution stills drone photography.

Construction sites, large structures, buildings and open work places are particularly relevant.

Working Images is fully licensed by the CAA and carries all the necessary third party insurance, obviating the risk of reputational damage for the client.

Drone photography requires detailed advanced planning which is included in the quoted price.

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